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This page was updated March 14, 2018

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Stumpf super-lightweight Ultralights and Experimental Balloons

    Paul Stumpf has been building balloons since 1974. If you would like to find out about a super-lightweight envelope or balloon system, give him a call...

Stumpf Ultralights   Volumes from 20,000 to 69,000cf.  Average envelope weight for a 54 is under 100lbs. 1.3oz silicone fabric. Smooth or bulbous gore patterns.  Nomex panels and skirt/scoop options. Parachute tops. Configured for harnesses or collapsible baskets.

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Let us build the balloon you've only imagined...


Stumpf Experimentals   Experimental category balloon systems can carry passengers (non-paying), and be insured and flown at balloon festivals.  I'll build a beautiful, lightweight envelope to fit any lower end.  If you have a nice lower end sitting around a would like a super-lightweight envelope for it , give me a call.

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 Contact: Paul Stumpf (802) 875-1600 -or- 



If you would like to purchase, or obtain more information about equipment for sale on this page please contact:

Paul S. Stumpf  (802) 875-1600

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