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We have put 19 years into the refinement or our cold air balloon design. Colorful, durable, and versatile, Stumpf Cold Air Systems are ideal for year-round outdoor promotional use. At night, the balloon is brilliantly illuminated by an interior light. Optional inlaid artwork or custom banners can carry your logo or message. These eye-catching balloons can be installed on a rooftop or at ground level for reliable nonstop advertising. Quality design, materials, workmanship, and a product that's been proven in the field, are the reasons you should choose a Stumpf Cold Air Balloon. Call today for more information:

Paul S. Stumpf (802) 875-1600





10 FT SYSTEM (internal blower)

6 FT INTERIOR MODEL (suspend from ceiling)

15", 20" AND 30" INTERIOR DISPLAY BALLOONS (pre-fabricated, ready for interior installation)

CUSTOM INTERACTIVE BALLOON DISPLAYS AND MORE (Specially designed for children's waiting areas)


THE IDEA  We have put many years into the refinement of our cold air balloons which have a natural shape providing multiple advantages. We have extended the height of our balloons so they are actually taller than pedestal-style balloons of the same diameter. In essence, you get more balloon for your money (make sure when you buy a 25 foot balloon, you're not getting a 18 foot balloon on a 7 foot pedestal). Our taller, wider profile increases rooftop visibility. The banners ride higher and the envelope shape is graceful, not squat or beachball-like. Our simplified teardrop envelope shape is more stable in the wind, enabling us to utilize fewer tie downs. Our tie-down system is the simplest and most reliable in the industry. For you, this means quicker set-ups, and more peace of mind once the balloon is installed. Quality design, materials, workmanship, and a product that's been proven in the field are the reasons you should choose a Stumpf Cold Air Balloon.

THE FABRIC  We are using the best available fabric designed and tested to survive rigors of cold air balloon promotions, stay clean, and make the balloon easy to lift, carry and handle. It's treated with pigmented, ultraviolet and chemical resistant coatings, and has a high strength to weight ratio. We install extra heavy duty fabric in the lower sections of our balloons, and a super heavy duty fabric in the base(floor).  This means your balloon has strength and durability where you need it, without adding extra weight you don't need. Create you own custom balloon design from our palate of rainbow colors.

THE BLOWER  The best money can buy. Powerful blower in a super durable housing that takes incredible abuse. Runs on 110 volts. Velcro equipped for quick, secure attachment to the balloon. Resistant to moisture. Quiet operation. Serviceable. These blowers have been proven in the field.

THE LIGHT  The brightest in the industry. Our 1000 watt* metal halide lamp is 5 times brighter than conventional 1000 watt quartz lighting! Operates via a ballast unit requiring low current draw to avoid tripping fuses. Brilliant appearance visible from miles away. Ballast unit sits securely on the ground, light is suspended up inside the balloon. (available on the S20 & S25, 400 watt metal halide on the S10 & S15)

THE TIE-DOWNS  Tubular webbing with over 3000 pound tensile strength. Never tie a knot again! Our web straps are equipped with cam buckles, simply pull to tighten, press to release. All webs attach to the balloon and ground points via quick and strong mountain climbing carabiners. Easy removal for untangling or servicing or drying. Webbing is color-coded for extra convenience.

THE GROUND STAKES  Super heavy duty, 42 inch steel spikes from the rental tent industry. You can drive them through pavement! You'll never have to worry about your balloon breaking loose from a ground installation.

THE EXTRAS  Quality craftsmanship. Two velcro equipped banner windows. Rugged storage bag. Lighting unit separates into two pieces for ease of installation and transport. Long fan (inflation) tube so fan stays out from under balloon. Rapid velcro activated deflation port for safety and convenience. All included with every balloon at no extra charge!

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