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Thanks for your interest in Stumpf super lightweight hot air balloon systems.  I have been building hot air balloons since 1975.  My lightweight balloon systems are the culmination of over three decades of experience with balloon design, fabrication, and repair. Stumpf balloons are engineered to provide a high level of safety and durability, while simultaneously maximizing fun and ease of use.

Feel free to contact me for more details   Paul S. Stumpf , owner



The Stumpf super lightweight systems are available in single place ultralight and two place Hopper Duo models.  Duo model carries an Experimental Airworthiness Certification, and can be used for sport flying, rallies, festivals, etc.  Experimental models are fully registered aircraft and can be insured for uses requiring liability protection.


My personal 41,000 cubic foot super lightweight Hopper Duo fits into the back of a Honda Element, without removing or folding up ANY of the seats!  Total system weight (without fuel) is only 135 lbs!




How about bicycle retrieval mode!?!  Pictured is my Stumpf Duo Chariot 41k lightweight system completely transportable by bicycle! 


If you would like to purchase, or obtain more information about equipment for sale on this page please contact:

Paul S. Stumpf  (802) 875-1600

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