Hot Air Balloon Banners

We have been designing and fabricating hot air balloon banners for over 40 years
and specialize in helping you obtain the most attractive banner for your sponsor’s needs. 
Gorgeous, digitally printed, full color to impress the most demanding clients.


Professional designed and fabricated hot air balloon envelope banners.

Stumpf Balloons has been designing and fabricating large banners for hot air balloon envelopes since 1979. In 2013 we expanded our banner making capabilities into the digital realm. We can now transform virtually any logo, image, or artwork into a giant full color hot air balloon envelope banner.

All banners are custom-made in the USA. Whether your banner job is a one-shot deal or a high-end product to impress that picky corporate sponsor, we specialize in recommending and designing the most appropriate banner for your needs.

Hot air balloon banners have been used successfully as an aerial advertising medium for decades.  Promoting large envelope banners can be used as a key component to attract or boost commercial or media sponsorship/revenue at outdoor events of all sizes and styles.


Banner prices are calculated using a combination of banner size and the amount of printing (ink coverage).
To request a preliminary price quote for a banner, please supply the following:

1. Banner size*
2. Artwork sample**

*1 If you don’t know the exact size of the banner you require, we will be happy to assist you.  Helpful information would include the make and model of the hot air balloon that will carry the banner.  Does the balloon currently have banner Velcro installed? If your balloon envelope has banner velcro installed, the following link provides a template to use for measuring the size of your banner window.  Complete and return the template to Stumpf Balloons & Banners.
Contact Paul for any questions:  [email protected]  802-875-1600.

Banner Area Measurement Template:  PDF LINK CLICK HERE

**2. For initial quotes, please provide a graphic design of the artwork, logo, or message that you would like to have appear on the banner.  A .jpg or .png image file will usually suffice for this purpose.  If you have a Vector version of your art or logo please supply at this time. For banner printing/production we require pure Vector version of your artwork/logo in one of the following file formats: .eps  .pdf  or .ai,  with CMYK color profile.  We are happy to work with your graphic designer to clarify any of these requirements.


Once you have submitted the banner size information and preliminary artwork, we will email you a Quote/Proof/Order Form. 
To place an order, please complete our Order Form (page 2 of our Quote form). Submit via email, with indicated pre-payment method.  Normal production lead time is four weeks.  Rush service is available for additional charge.  Minimum lead time for a rush order is 5 business days.  Banners orders are not considered complete without advance payment**** and Vector artwork in-hand and approved by Stumpf Balloons. All banner orders are non-refundable once production has begun.

****Pre-payment by Check, Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, Discover, or American Express is due when order is submitted.  All banner orders are non-refundable once production has begun.  Quoted banner prices include a custom storage bag and free UPS Ground shipping in the lower 48 states.

How are banners attached to a hot air balloon envelope?

We highly recommend attaching our banners to the balloon envelope using banner Velcro. 
Velcro pile(loop) should be professionally installed on the balloon envelope by a hot air balloon Repair Station, only in locations approved by the balloon’s manufacturer.  In addition, for extra holding power, we recommend also installing corner banner attachment loops on the balloon envelope.
Envelope loops must only be installed by a hot air balloon Repair Station, using methods and locations approved by the balloon’s manufacturer.

All of our banners prices include Velcro hook on top and bottom edges, or on all four sides of the banner at no extra cost.
Also included are reinforced attachment loops sewn in all four corners and/or any other location that the customer specifies.

Attaching banners without Velcro. 

Banners can be attached by only using loops on the balloon envelope. 
Envelope loops must be installed by a hot air balloon Repair Station, using methods and locations approved by the balloon’s manufacturer. 
However, banners attached via loops only, will appear baggy and wrinkled, be susceptible to wind issues, and result in a generally poor appearance.

What size banners are available?

The “average” hot air balloon envelope banner is about the same size as highway billboard -or- roughly 15 feet tall by 30 feet wide.  We can make banners in any size to fit any hot air balloon.  We recommend keeping banners limited to a reasonable size for both ease of use and cost effectiveness.  Of course, larger balloons can accommodate bigger banners.  We will be happy to work with you to advise the best size banner for your balloon make and model.

How much does a banner weight?

All Stumpf banners are printed on high quality, lightweight nylon fabric.  An average 15 foot tall by 30 foot wide banner weighs around 14 pounds.

What kind of art, logo, or lettering can I put on a hot air balloon banner?

Our state of the art, full color, digital printing capabilities can print almost anything on a balloon banner.  However, please keep in mind that your banner will be viewed from a distance, so try to keep your design components large and bold.  We are happy to help you design or evaluate your banner design, to acheive maximum impact and aesthetic value.  All banners are printed on white fabric, so banners with solid colored backgrounds will be more expensive than banners with white backgrounds.

We look forward to working with you to create a professional quality, high impact banner for your client, sponsor, balloon festival or event. Please review some or our creations…


Hot Air Balloon Banners

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BTW Mr. Stumpf, that was about the 90th flight I have made with the Arbor MD banners. Prior to that flight, they where wadded up in trash bags for 5 months. They still look great. Exceptional work you do sir, great product!” Darrell Duer Jr.

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