I first met filmmaker Scott Salter in 1978 when we were students at the Rhode Island School of Design.  We immediately struck up a friendship and Scott soon became enamored with my hot air balloon activities.  For his degree project, Scott decided to make a documentary film about the designing and building of a hot air balloon I was making at the time. Our collaboration resulted in the film False Start.  Scott graduated from RISD in 1980 and embarked on his television and film career.  Shortly afterwards, he was contracted to make a series of documentary films about several hot air balloon adventure flights showcasing the natural wonders of Venezuela.  The final finished compilation film, Above the Lost World, met with critical acclaim and was shown on the Discovery Channel.  Over the years we’ve remained friends and continue to share our passions of ballooning and film-making.  

I hope you enjoy the selection of films, by Scott Salter.

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